Karen Gaudette Brewer is an award-winning food and lifestyle journalist based in the Pacific Northwest who is endlessly fascinated by why and how we eat the things we do. 

Armed with this guidebook, the Pacific Northwest and its magnificent seafood culture become your oyster. You’ll find the best eats and can’t-miss festivals for your next road trip; recipes and cooking inspiration for the salmon, halibut, and mussels you picked up at the market; and get to know the people, places, and traditions that make dining, playing, and living here so enjoyable.

Once you realize how lucky we are to live amid this bounty, every meal seems like a special occasion. 



• What to order at top restaurants, roadside seafood joints, oyster bars, and food trucks

• More than 25 regional recipes from Northwest chefs and restaurants, including Smoked Manila Clam Dip (Westward, Seattle), Sablefish Caramelized with Soy and Sake (Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar, Vancouver, B.C.) and Albacore Tuna Mignon (Local Ocean, Newport, Ore.)

• A primer on local fish and shellfish, including seasonality and foraging tips

• Expert advice to host your own crab feed, West Coast clam bake, oyster grilling party, or seafood boil

• Guide to beloved, quirky, and long-running seafood festivals and culinary events

• Get to know fishmongers, local food artisans, seafood markets, and fishermen

• Fun facts and Northwest history that will help you win your next pub trivia night (or, just look really smart on Twitter)

What I love about Seafood Lover’s Pacific Northwest is how it ventures into so many corners of our region’s seafood culture. It features high-end restaurants, seaside shacks, clam digging, festivals, fishmongers, and public markets. Above all, Seafood Lover’s PNW is inclusive: in addition to the “catch it, steam it, and serve it,” you’ll read about (and want to visit) great seafood dishes at Peruvian, Chinese, French, Cajun, and (especially) Japanese restaurants.
— Food Writer Matthew Amster-Burton on Amazon.com