Seattle Public Library |  11/10-2011

Podcast: The Scoop on Food

I moderate a panel of luminaries of Seattle’s food scene who create and write about cuisine in the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle Times food writer Nancy Leson; restaurateur and cookbook author Kathy Casey; restaurateur and cookbook author Greg Atkinson; and food writer and author Matthew Amster-Burton. Listen.

Published in The Seattle Times |  12/02-2006

Story: Picnics in the Northwest happen rain or shine

Picnics in the Northwest, whether they’re gatherings of several thousand strong at a rented farm or a party of five perched above the Ballard Locks, are a window into our wacky relationship with that inveterate, unpredictable extra guest: the weather. Here, churches, tech companies, martial-arts clubs and atheists vie for favorite parks on coveted weekends that local prognosticators identify as “the driest on record” (July 30 and Aug. 4, for those keeping track). Here, mere drizzle isn’t enough to call off a long-awaited picnic, especially if there’s a shelter to huddle beneath.Here, a crafty picnicker will wedge a staple gun into the basket alongside the salmon, quinoa salad and sporks just in case the tablecloth must be kept from blowing away in the likely event of an “unexpected” (insert your season here) windstorm. Read more. This story placed third in lifestyle reporting at the Society of Professional Journalists 2009 Northwest Excellence in Journalism awards.

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